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Do you own an Aprilia or are you think of buying one? If you’ve not yet got your licence read this guide to getting your bike licence. Protect your purchase with Comprehensive motorcycle insurance or Third Party Fire and Theft motorcycle insurance.  (We don’t insure scooters but suggest you try Aprilia Insurance for  scooters.)   The Aprilia motorbikes we most commonly provide insurance for are:

Aprilia RS250, Aprilia Pegasus 650 strada, Aprilia RST 1000 Futura, Aprilia RSV Mille, Aprilia RSV Mille R, Aprilia RSV Mille SP, Aprilia RSV 1000R, Aprilia RSV 1000R Factory, Aprilia SL 1000 Falco, Aprilia Tuono 1000R, Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory, Aprilia Tuono Fighter, Aprilia Tuono Racing.

As you can see we are able to insure the sports, sports tourer through to the super bikes produced by Aprilia.  This is our speciality which has provided competitive, benefit rich insurance to many motorcyclists, some of whom have been with us for 8 years without having to change insurers.  You can also add a second motorbike (or scooter) to the policy.

Our comprehensive insurance premium for the  RSV1000R Factory riden by a 37 year old in a lower rated crime area with good riding experience and security starts at £132.29 including insurance premium tax.  Breakdown and helmet and leathers cover are available as options.  The premium for a high rated area like London, Liverpool or Manchester would be £212.85.

For your own individual quote click on this link: Aprilia Motorcycle Insurance.  You can call us for a quote now

Ten Top tips for getting the best from your policy

To help you maximise the discounts that are available, these are the more common:

  • Full details of your security i.e. locks, chains, alarms, immobilisers and ground anchors including details of garaging.
  • Any datatag, smartwater or alpha dot fited?
  • Make sure you declare any advanced riding training
  • Mileage – how many miles did you do last year – do you have anything out of the ordinary planned for this year?  Big discounts are available for mileage declarations at 1500 miles.
  • Check your bonus to make sure it’s accurate
  • Make sure you correctly remember the purchase date
  • Marital status and number of children
  • Home ownership
  • If you never carry pillions – you can exclude them.
  • If you don’t use you bike for commuting.

Comprehensive insurance covers you for damage to your motorcycle as a result of an accident as well as fire, theft and injuries to third parties. Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance covers you for injuries to third parties and loss or damage to your motorcycle by fire or theft. Always read the policy wording and key facts summaries to ensure you understand the cover and any limitations.

  • It is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information to insurers when you take out your insurance policy, throughout the life of your policy and when you renew your insurance.
  • It is important that you ensure that all statements you make on proposal forms, claim forms and other documents are full and accurate. Please note that if you fail to disclose any material information to your insurers, this could invalidate your cover, and could mean that part or all of a claim may not be paid.

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